A 24-year-old girl group member’s unexpected view of love that surprised everyone

Weki Meki Choi Yoo-jung has revealed her view of love that will surprise everyone.

Choi Yoo-jung of the group Weki Meki recently visited LA with the fashion magazine First Look and took a photo shoot with the theme of ‘Another day of sun-LA, Choi Yoo-jung’s other face’.

In the photo, Choi Yoo-jung exudes a free-spirited charm against the backdrop of Los Angeles, USA, and completes the set in the tranquil atmosphere and sunlight of a residential area.

In an interview released together, Choi Yoo-jung said, “I feel like I’m in a stable period as it’s been six years since my debut,” adding, “I hope I don’t chase the future time to follow something. I want to find my own speed and go stably.” 

“This year, I felt like I had to take on a new challenge. While preparing for my first solo album, I also thought about ‘what I think of’ and ‘what people see’. In addition to the Choi Yoo-jung I have shown you, I wanted to show you what you think of Choi Yoo-jung. I want to show that I have other aspects besides my cute image.” – said  Choi Yoo-jung 

Regarding the album’s name and keyword “Sunflower,” Choi Yoo-jung said, “It’s a gift from my late grandfather. My grandfather drew a sunflower and said, ‘This is Yoojung.’ There was a smile on the inside of the flower. So it became a special meaning for me.”

She continued, “What my grandfather always emphasized was a humble attitude. I try not to forget that the sincerity and hard work of many people are contained in this one CD.”

On the other hand, Choi Yoo-jung, who appeared on KBS2TV’s ‘Does Breakup Recall?’, which aired on the 26th, revealed an unexpected view of love while watching the first Dol Shing Recall man to appear and prepare for a reunion with X.

Regarding the relationship between X and the Recall man 11 years older than her who has 2 children, Choi Yoo-jung looked at it from the perspective of the same age group as X, saying, “X is one year older than me.”

Choi Yoo-jung recalled the memories of when she was dating her first love before her debut. 

Choi Yoo-jung revealed, “He worked very hard on studying so I wanted to do many things when we had time together. I was very impatient and anxious while dating like there was always a time limit whenever we wanted to do this and that.”

Jang Young-ran asked Choi Yoo-jung, who turned 24 this year, “What if you were confessed to by a single father who has 2 children?” Yang Se-hyung added, “You can’t live without him. You love him so much.

Choi Yoo-jung replied, “I don’t care about age if I really like him. If he has the ability to take care of everything, I think we can date.”

Hearing this, Yang Se-hyung exclaimed, “You have courage.” Gree said, “If it were me, it would be too burdensome. Even if I say it’s okay, I think I’ll regret it later.”

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