Fans argue that between Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Gigi Hadid, who is prettier in this photo?

Who do you think will dominate in this visual battle?

Not gathering countless colorful costumes like every year, this year’s Met Gala is still the destination of stars that the public wants to see every day and every hour. The proof of the attraction of the event guests is right in the 2 selfie photos of Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Gigi Hadid below. Right after being posted, the image of the beautiful couple caused netizens to fight fiercely to see who is more beautiful?

With a height of over 1m76, the towering model Gigi Hadid easily stands out more than Rosé in terms of physique
To be fair, Rosé’s performance in this stylish arena was not what the audience expected. The eyeliner on her upper eyelid is even said to be “like a broken eyelid”.
The female idol who attended an international event with the “little black dress” design is not new, even used in a photoshoot of Elle magazine before.
Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid with fiery red auburn hair and blue eyeshadow tones against her hair color, making her stand out without being too ostentatious.
Can’t forget this tubular dress from Prada!
The dress is tailored for Gigi Hadid with minimal texture and emphasis on the waistline. The most expensive detail is probably the wide chest of the skirt, which helps the model show off her bust behind the contrasting bra layer

Netizen’s comment:

  • “Rosé’s beauty really saved this boring outfit”.
  • “Both of them are pretty but I think Gigi is more popular”.
  • “Rosé is still beautiful in her own way, I like Rosé more”.
  • “How can you compare a pretty idol with such a famous sexy model?”.
  • “Actually, Rosé won’t be drowned, Gigi is so pretty! Pretty girl standing next to pretty girl becomes ‘double visual’!”.
  • “Pretty but Rosé is inferior to Gigi!”
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