Cha Eun Woo won the poll for “Kpop idols you want to enjoy the first snow with”

ASTRO member and actor Cha Eun Woo received the most vote for Mubeat’s winter poll “Which idol would you like to experience the first snow with”.

In December, temperatures drop sharply and true winter begins, with Incheon and Seoul both witnessing the first snow. For Koreans and Kpop fans alike, this first snow has some romantic implications.

In celebration of the first snow, the fan platform Mubeat opened the poll ““Which idol would you like to experience the first snow with”, which ended up gathering 322,480 votes. 

cha eun woo mubeat weekly choice

Topping the list is Cha Eun Woo, who made a name for himself with 164,945 votes, over half of the total votes received. It seems that a smile has spread across fans’ faces, just by imagining meeting Cha Eun Woo during the first snow. 

Meanwhile, 2nd place belongs to BTS Jin, who is enlisting in the military on December 13th. Jin secured 138,637 votes, showing huge popularity. 

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The demography of votes by continent and region was also revealed. In particular, 188,718 votes came from in Asia, where the Kpop fandom is strong. Among them, 119,246 votes came from Southeast Asia and most of the rest came from East Asia.

By country, the Philippines stand on top with 72,037 votes. European participation was also high in this poll, with 65,085 votes having been casted in Europe.

mubeat weekly choice

Celebrities  who win first place in these Mubeat Weekly Choice polls will be given a paper adverstisements and Mubeat’s in-app pop-up advertisements.

Source: daum

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