BTS RM, “My first official solo promotion. I’m nervous and lonely, but this is the moment I’ve been waiting for”

BTS RM shares his feelings about making a solo comeback with an album after 4 years and a small behind-the-scenes story about the album production.

Music platform Melon announced that RM, who is about to release his first solo album “Indigo”, would appear on Melon Station’s HYBE-exclusive program “HYBE LABELS”. The first episode is scheduled to be introduced at 2 p.m. on Dec 2nd and the second episode will be out at 6 p.m. on Dec 4th through the online and offline news service “Melon Spotlight”.

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On Melon Station’s “HYBE LABELS”, RM says, “I feel so nervous and lonely, but this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. Since the members and musicians around me listened to the songs and gave good feedback, I think I can confidently and proudly go with it”, expressing his feelings about officially releasing his first solo album.

RM tells various stories while listening to the title song “Wild Flower (feat. Cho Yoo Jin) and b-side tracks. In particular, RM mentions his collaboration with R&B hip-hop musician Paul Blanco, saying “I sent him a DM for work. It was the first time I’d done the thing called ‘DM’. He said he couldn’t believe that was me”.

RM plans to set up a section called “RM’s Archive Release Time” to answer realistic questions that “real fans” will be curious about. By honestly revealing T.M.I about his favorite furniture, body care routine, perfume scent, or how to relieve stress, RM is looking forward to receiving enthusiastic responses from fans.

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He will also hold a corner to look back on his growth. RM confesses, “I was a really big baby. I heard my parents had a hard time because I was really stubborn and didn’t listen to them”, adding “That’s why I’m trying to be a good son to them to repay them. People around me said they envy my parents the most”, drawing laughter.

Regarding the memories in his early 20s, RM shares, “I thought a lot about whether I was an idol or an artist. I used to have such immature worries”. 


In addition, RM will communicate with fans by frankly revealing the stories of his school days and trainee days, and explaining the moments he experienced overseas tours, the responsibility he felt while receiving so much love from global fans as well as his feelings before turning 30.

Melon Spotlight will also release an “Ask Anything” interview video in which RM personally answers various things that fans are curious about him. In addition, official photos for “Indigo” as well as RM’s exclusive photos and comeback greeting video will be exclusively released on Melon.

Source: Daum

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