Han Ji Eun reportedly accepts the lead role in “Ask the Stars”, to play Lee Min Ho’s fiancée 

Trustworthy actress Han Ji Eun has been cast in the lead role for the upcoming drama “Ask the Stars”.  

On March 28th, an entertainment official told Sports Chosun that Han Ji Eun would be playing the main character of the new drama “Ask the Stars” (written by Seo Sook Hyang, directed by Park Shin Woo). With a five-year preparation period for production, “Ask the Stars” has been drawing attention early on as the first K-drama that tells a love story at a space station. It is described as a “space romantic comedy” that travels between the space station and the Earth.

Han Ji Eun plays Choi Go Eun, the current CEO of Mirae Electronics under Mirae Group. She is the daughter of Choi Jae Ryong, chairman of Mirae Group, and a bride-to-be who is set to marry Lee Min Ho’s character Gong Ryong. Choi Go Eun wants to master her studies and the wo of an inheritor as she does not want to lose to her older brother, Choi Dong Hoon. She is expected to show the image of an ambitious woman who always wants to learn.

Han Ji-eun

Han Ji Eun is an actress that everyone believes and watches whatever she appears in. She proves her position in K-drama series, playing the main character of “Bad and Crazy” and “Ants Are Riding”. She is already a rising star that has captivated both the home TV screen and the silver screen. Through the role of Aewol in “100 Days My Prince” and Han Joo in “Be Melodramatic,” she has received love calls from famous drama and film directors such as director Lee Jong Jae and director Lee Byung Hun. She was also selected as the main character of MBC’s “Kkondae Intern,” and also played a leading role in the Kakao TV-Netflix drama “Lovestruck in the City.” In addition, through the psychological drama “EP: Hello Dorothy,” which contained the heavy theme of illegal hidden camera, she was also praised and given the title “an actress who can do every genre.” Not only “Ask the Stars” but also the movie “Mora-dong” is in line, waiting for the release date.

Ask the stars

“Ask the Stars,” starring Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo Jin, is directed by Seo Sook Hyang, a master of romantic comedies such as “Pasta” and “Jealousy Incarnation,” and Park Shin Woo, who showed sensuous directing through “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” and “Lovestruck in the City.” In particular, since director Park Shin Woo has shown detailed directing in masterpieces such as “Jealousy Incarnation” and “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” expectations are high on what kind of directing he will show in the 50 billion won blockbuster “Ask the Stars.” The filming will begin in April.

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