The Fair Trade Commission received another complaint regarding BTS Jungkook

The Fair Trade Commission has officially received another complaint accusing BTS Jungkook of backdoor advertising. 

The Fair Trade Commission has officially confirmed that they had received the filed complaint against BTS Jungkook which accused him of backdoor advertising after the idol was seen with a clothing and tea brand on his personal V LIVE.

The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) has officially received the complaint accusing BTS Jungkook of backdoor advertising. 

An FTC official said on Oct 5th, “In general, civil complaints related to the BTS’s member situation have been received. In the case of civil complaints such as this, the processing period is 14 days and we reply after a legal procedure has been decided.”

By the relevant regulations, the FTC may extend the period once more if it is difficult to handle civil complaints within a specified period due to unavoidable reasons. If it is difficult to process civil complaints even during the extended period, the processing period may be extended again with the consent of the civil petitioner.

A total of two complaints have been filed over the alleged “backdoor advertisement” related to the situation. The complaints included allegations that Jungkook appeared on V LIVE to promote a company’s tea and clothing from a fashion brand founded by Jungkook’s brother Jeon Jung-hyun, of which Jungkook also served as an in-house director.

According to the complaint, Jungkook directly mentioned or exposed a company’s tea brand on Naver’s V LIVE broadcast on February 27th and March 7th. Jungkook mentioned the tea by saying it was “lemon taste,” and a few minutes later, a certification post was uploaded on the fan community that he had bought that tea.

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BTS Jungkook exposed the tea brand or mentioned it directly on Naver’s V LIVE broadcast, raising suspicions that he was doing viral marketing and media promotion.

The complaint also included suspicions that Jungkook actually recommended and guaranteed the tea by directly mentioning the tea’s brand and the ‘out of stock chaos’ on a Naver VLive broadcast.

In fact, the tea production company distributed a statement to the press on March 17th, saying, “Export inquiries from China and Japan have increased significantly. Moreover, exports to China also rose 1800% over the past 16 days comparing to the figure in February.” Media reports continued to point out that Jungkook did save a small and medium-sized company. This is the reason why people have questioned whether viral marketing and media promotion have continued after Jungkook’s mentioning of the tea brand.

The tea mentioned by Jungkook was sold not only in Korea but also in overseas shopping malls and the tea production company even promoted it with the “I purple you” trademark tag. In addition, it is also stated that HYBE, Jungkook’s company, didn’t do anything regarding this case.

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A, who filed the complaint earlier, said to the media, “BTS is a global star who represents Korea, so I hope he can show behaviors that suit his position.”

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