A figure skating coach who sexually harassed a minor student…He is the brother-in-law of this actress

Will Son Dam-bi, who was obsessed with bragging about her newlywed life, be affected by the news of her brother-in-law Lee Kyu-hyun’s sexual assault allegations?

On Sep 6th, figure skating coach Lee Kyu-hyun, a former member of the national team, was reportedly arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a minor student. Coach Lee Kyu-hyun is currently imprisoned in Uijeongbu Prison.


After the report, comments asking about the truth appeared on Son Dam-bi‘s Instagram. Lee Kyu-hyun is the brother of speed skater Lee Kyu-hyuk, which means that he is Son Dam-bi’s brother-in-law.

Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyu-hyuk showed off their love for each other on Instagram after getting married in May. In particular, they are revealing a series of photos of them enjoying a golf course date.

But is it because of her brother-in-law’s case? Son Dam-bi’s Instagram feed stopped on Aug 24th. Afterwards, she shared her status through the Instagram Story function, but has been quiet lately.

lee kyu hyun

According to the prosecution, Son Dam-bi’s brother-in-law Lee Kyu-hyun was judged to have committed a serious crime, so he was requested for an arrest warrant. The court accepted it and Lee Kyu-hyun was under indictment at the end of last month.

Source: wikitree, nate

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