“The Law Cafe” Lee Se-young confessed to Lee Seung-gi, “My heart is pounding”

“The Law Cafe” Lee Se-young expressed her feelings. 

Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se-young) confessed her feelings to Kim Jung-ho (Lee Seung-gi) in the latest episode of KBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “The Law Cafe,” which aired on September 6th. 

In this episode, Kim Yu-ri said to Kim Jung-ho, “I already reviewed and stamped it. In the future, unless it is important, I will proceed to conversate through text messages. I will skip all greetings even if we see each other, and I will be careful not to use the rooftop spaces or outdoor stairs. I will keep everything else in mind, so let’s build a smooth lease relationship,” she said, agreeing to an unfair contract. 

When Kim Jung-ho said, “Are you going to accept all of this?” Kim Yu-ri notified, “It’s a ridiculous power trip by the building owner, but as a tenant, I just have to follow.”

When Kim Yu-ri heard a sound from the cafe ceiling, she went to the clinic on the second floor and asked who lived upstairs. The man who heard her at the clinic came to Kim Yu-ri’s cafe with a hammer in hand, terrified Kim Yu-ri to an extent that she screamed. 

Upon hearing the sound, Kim Jung-ho ran to the cafe and got into a physical fight with the mysterious man. The identity of that man was a patient who suffered from noise damage between floors, and they stopped arguing thanks to Kim Yu-ri’s mediation.

Later, Kim Yu-ri asked the man to come back, saying, “I will help you if there is anything I can legally help,” and “Why don’t we talk more in detail tomorrow?” After hearing that, Kim Jung-ho said, “Are you telling him to talk to you again tomorrow? Are you out of your mind, why would you ask that hammer man to come back?” showing his jealousy. 

After learning that Kim Jung-ho had an upset stomach, Kim Yu-ri opened her closet to find a needle. The shocked Kim Jung-ho then closed the closet and pushed Kim Yu-ri onto the wall in the process. Surprised, Kim Yu-ri closed her eyes expecting Kim Jung-ho to kiss her, but Kim Jung-ho just laughed and made fun of Kim Yu-ri’s appearance.

Kim Jung-ho, who visited the noise-between-apartments victim’s house, calmly explained the current situation to Kim Yu-ri, “If the people upstairs come and cry because of the guy downstairs tomorrow, are you going to write a certification of contents for them as well?”

Afterward, Kim Jung-ho told Park Woo-jin (Kim Nam-hee), “What are you going to do with Kim Yu-ri? Don’t do anything to her. Don’t encourage her, don’t help her, don’t be kind to her, don’t start any feeling with her whether it’s affinity or curiosity. We shouldn’t do anything to her.”

When the man who complained of noise between apartments tried to commit suicide by jumping from the roof of the building, Kim Jung-ho ran to the apartment and persuaded him. Kim Jung-ho shouted, “When you face an unfortunate incident, you have to get your head right and find the direction in which your anger should go. Don’t be angry at the wrong thing cowardly.”

He added, “Didn’t lawyers find the culprit? So let’s fight together. Not by yourself.” Eventually, the man came down from the railing and held Kim Jung-ho’s hand. Kim Yu-ri, who was watching from behind, was relieved.

Later, Kim Jung-ho, who found Kim Yu-ri, took care of her clothes, saying, “No matter how urgent you are, you should wear your clothes properly.” In response, Kim Yu-ri confessed her feelings to Kim Jung-ho, “I’m weird. My heart is beating fast.”

Meanwhile, KBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “The Law Cafe” is a LAWmance drama about Kim Jung-ho, a former prosecutor who is known as “Monster Genius”, and Kim Yu-ri, a beautiful lawyer with a four-dimensional personality.

Source: naver

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