NewJeans Minji made surprise confession at Kyung Hee University festival, “A person I know is studying here”

NewJeans Minji mentioned her brother at Kyung Hee University festival and surprised everyone

Kyung Hee University’s Autumn Festival “MASTERPIECE Wolha” was held for two days from September 14th and featured a guest performance of the popular girl group NewJeans.


After performing their hit songs, NewJeans members spent time communicating with the audiences. Minji said, “I’m so so happy to be here today with Kyung Hee University students”.

She then said, “In fact, a person I know is studying at Kyung Hee University”, raising curiosity.

Minji added, “He said he would be watching the festival today, so I wonder if he’s enjoying the performance…”. 

Hearing that, Hani and other members looked at the crowd and greeted, “Hello! Nice to meet you”, making the students even more curious.

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Later, Minji revealed the identity of the person she mentioned. She confessed, “It’s my older brother”.

Kyung Hee University students were all very surprised to hear Minji’s confession and they cheered loudly.

After the festival, videos of that scene spread quickly on social media and online communities.

Netizens commented, “I wonder how handsome Minji’s brother is?”, “You should suspect any young man who is from Gangwon-do, born in 2003 and is attending Kyung Hee University”, “He will live a tough life like IU’s younger brother did”, “Wow, her brother will definitely get along well with other students in university”, etc.

Meanwhile, NewJeans’ “Super Shy”, one of the triple title songs in their second mini-album “Get Up”, ranked No.66 on Billboard HOT 100, making it the third song in their career to enter Hot 100.

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