MAMAMOO’s Moon Byul: “I’m banned from entering public bathhouses because of my tattoo”

Moon Byul of MAMAMOO shared how she couldn’t enter a Japanese bathhouse due to her tattoos.

On Jan 10th, a video titled “MAMAMOO-JAPAN Behind #1″ was uploaded to MAMAMOO‘s YouTube channel “MAMAMOO.”


In the released video, MAMAMOO members gathered around in the greenroom and talked about visiting a Japanese bathhouse during their Japanese promotion schedule.

Solar recalled, “Last time, we went to a bathhouse. I said I didn’t have a tattoo but Moon Byul said yes, so they said we couldn’t go inside,” adding, “So I went in alone and Moon Byul waited outside.”


At the same time, Solar was delighted to recall Moon Byul‘s expression at the time. Hwa Sa, who heard this, said, “That’s a little too much, Solar.


Moon Byul said, “Even though she went in, she kept thinking about me. But still, she went in (alone),” she said laughingly.

Whee In actually has even more tattoos than Moon Byul. She suddenly posed as if she was trying to hide her body tattoo with her arms and hands, saying, “Can’t I go in if I cover my tattoos like this?” drawing laughter.

Source: TV Report

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