Kwon Min-ah reveals to have recently become a manager of a skincare shop which is open on all days

Former AOA member Kwon Min-ah reported on her recent status, revealing that she will work as a manager of a skincare shop.

On December 20th, Kwon Min-ah posted on her Instagram, “Ta-da. I have become the manager of this skincare shop”, and explained about the skincare shop.

In addition, she introduced, “Starting with checking your skin condition, we will show you how to improve it. If you are looking for products that go well with your skin, we can also help you with that. The store is open for the whole week from 11 A.M to 9 P.M.”

The released photos showed the inside and outside of the skincare shop that Kwon Min-ah is managing.

Meanwhile, Kwon Min-ah confessed about being a victim of sexual assault in the past through a live broadcast on Instagram in March. After that, the investigation on this case has been progressing and was reportedly transferred to the prosecution recently.

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