Actress B, who got in scandals regarding alcohol and her boyfriend right after her debut, has disappeared from the industry without a trace 

The incidents due to which actress B disappeared silently from the entertainment industry are being re-examined.

Recently, the women’s magazine “Woman Sense” reported that actress B has disappeared from the entertainment industry due to her plastic surgery addiction, private life and personality problems after she rose to stardom.

According to many reports, B is a person with a brilliant appearance that stands out even from afar. She entered the entertainment industry through street casting and took the lead role in a drama right after her debut. Since then, she has emerged as the new rising star in the advertising industry and has gained huge popularity. However, after her second role, B fell into a plastic surgery addiction. She changed into a completely different appearance from that of her debut era.

Woman Sense

It wasn’t just this. B also had a big stain regarding her private life and personality. On the day of the drama’s end interview, B canceled her schedule, complaining of menstrual pain to her agency before going on a trip with her boyfriend. In addition, B was drunk and went clubbing and was called to the police station for making a fuss and singing loudly. In the end, her exhausted agency announced the suspension of B’s activities.

Years later, B returned through another agency. She filmed a new drama, but the public’s response was cold. As such, her roles decreased from the main character to the supporting character. The ratings of her works were low and the media was also cold. In an interview with the media, B showed her reflection, saying, “I know and acknowledge all past mistakes.”

Woman Sense

Women’s Sense draws attention by reporting X files in the entertainment industry. Earlier in June last year, it reported the same-sex relationship scandal among 2 members of an idol group.

Idol D and F are a same-sex couple. The damage that the agency had to bear to withdraw the two most popular members of the group was too great, so it just stands still and watches. What’s even more shocking is that D and F had a love fight at the music show site and ruined the group’s schedule.

Netizens who heard the article at the time responded, “No matter how you see it, this is still outing someone who is still in the closet, so they wrote it as ambiguous as possible,” “Won’t you able to tell who those were by looking for the group that canceled their schedule on the music show,” “This is like a fanfic,” and “I wonder who they are?”

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