Chansung Hwang signed a contract with ‘El Julai Entertainment’…“2PM’s activities will not change”

Actor and 2PM member Hwang Chan-seong, who left JYP and declared a solo career, made a new nest in El Julai Entertainment.

On the 3rd, El Julai Entertainment said, “We are happy to have a good relationship with Hwang Chansung”. 

Chansung Hwang also said through his new agency, “My full-fledged career started as 2PM, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the fans who loved and supported 2PM’s ‘Chansung’.” He continued, “I’m a little afraid of the changes to move to the next level, but I think I can do it well if you support me, who has always been with me.”

Chansung Hwang

He also said, “I will work hard to show you more diverse sides. I am excited about future activities and there’s also a good sense of tension. We set a lot of expectations and we will work hard to meet those expectations.”

Lee Joo-rae, CEO of El Julai Entertainment, said, “As soon as we had our first meeting, I felt, ‘You are a very bright and deep person’. As an actor, Hwang Chansung has an excellent ability to materialize through numerous ideas and long stories about the characters in the works he participated in. He is a wonderful person who pursues decisions without hesitation and knows how to take responsibility for the results. Please look forward to the activities of actor Hwang Chan-sung and the unchanging group 2PM in the future.”

Chansung Hwang

El Julai Entertainment, on the other hand, emphasized, “We will continue his activities as a 2PM member with JYP Entertainment in the future, and we will spare no effort in providing continuous interest and full support for this.”

Meanwhile, Chansung Hwang debuted as 2PM in 2008 and has been loved by many hit songs. Starting with the sitcom ‘High Kick’ in 2006, and appearing in the dramas ‘Namjeonggi Wook’, ‘Queen for 7 Days’, and ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ in 2016, he has created realistic and three-dimensional characters. Recently, in the drama ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’, he was praised for solidifying his position as an actor by working with actors Song Yoon-ah, Lee Sung-jae, and Jeon So-min.

Chansung Hwang
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