2PM’s Chan-sung updated SNS about marriage preparation and fans’ reactions were unexpected

Hwang Chan-sung of the group 2PM has begun decorating his honeymoon house.

Hwang Chan-sung said on his Twitter account on February 24th, “No, Living Fair is really hard. Haiz, I walked for two hours.”

In the Living Fair, you can check out the trends of furniture and interiors to be placed at home. It is usually a place that newlyweds and future couples visit a lot.

Hwang Chan-sung announced his marriage in December last year and delivered the news of his fiancé’s pregnancy. He visiting the Living Fair is understood as the idol having begun decorating his honeymoon house.


Fans responded very coolly to this. They tweeted on Hwang Chan-sung’s Twitter account, “Living Fair is nothing compared to Baby Fair,” “Wedding Fair is harder,” “Two hours is reasonable,” “Baby Fair is much harder,” “Living Fair is just the beginning stage,” and “Oh, you must be preparing for your newlywed house.”

Hwang Chan-sung was scheduled to have a wedding earlier this year with his 8-year-older girlfriend, who he has been dating for five years, but he reportedly postponed the ceremony because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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