2PM Hwang Chan-sung, who is preparing for the wedding with his pregnant girlfriend, revealed his recent status with a selfie

2PM member – actor Hwang Chan-sung, who is going to get married, delivered his current situation to fans after a while.

On February 14th, Hwang Chan-sung (33 years old) caught fans’ attention by posting a selfie on his Instagram. The released photo showed Hwang Chan-sung wearing a black shirt neatly, giving off a sexy vibe. The male idol drew admiration with his handsome visual that doesn’t need any adjustment of camera angle. Hwang Chan-sung’s milky skin, big eyes, and sharp nose also stood out.

Although he was about to get married, his youthful appearance still fluttered the hearts of female fans.

Meanwhile, Hwang Chan-sung posted a handwritten letter on Instagram in December last year and directly announced that he was preparing to marry his girlfriend, who he had been dating for more than 5 years. 


“While preparing and planning for our wedding after I got discharged from the military, the blessing news of a new life came earlier than we expected”, he said, adding that his wedding was scheduled to be held in early 2022. It is said that Hwang Chan-sung was really worried about his girlfriend as she is having a pregnancy in her 40s.

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