Jang Sung-kyu revealed DM messages he received from J-Hope and poured out compliments for the BTS member

Broadcaster Jang Sung-kyu was moved by a message from BTS J-Hope.

Jang Sung-kyu

On January 12th, Jang Sung-kyu posted a screenshot photo of the DM messages he exchanged with J-Hope and wrote, “It’s not easy for a person who touches the whole world to take care of each person’s emotion… I guess even aliens are also ARMYs.”

The released screenshot contained direct messages (DM) between J-Hope and Jang Sung-kyu. Earlier, BTS J-Hope and RM uploaded a photo showing them watching the web entertainment show “Workman” starring Jang Sung-kyu on their Instagram accounts. Then, Jang Sung-kyu took a screenshot of their post and shared it on his Instagram to express his gratitude.

bts j-hope Jang Sung-kyu

In response to Jang Sung-kyu‘s ‘thank you’ post, J-Hope sent a message, saying, “I have been watching ‘Workman’ since a long time ago. I’m one of the JOBs (fans of the show ‘Workman’). Due to my busy schedule, I couldn’t watch this episode, but then a member told me about this, so I came to watch it. That’s my name right there. I will continue to support the show.”

bts j-hope Jang Sung-kyu

Receiving this warm message, Jang Sung-kyu replied, “This message makes me cry. Thank you for making me feel touched like this”, adding, “I hope you will be healthy and continue to be the pride of this Earth for a long time.”

bts j-hope rm Jang Sung-kyu

Netizens on Instagram who saw this post gave explosive reactions for J-Hope, such as “As expected, our Hobie (J-Hope) is so sweet”, “Even his DM message looks so lovely”, “J-Hope’s DM is so funny”, “Is he an angel?”, “He really has such an admirable personality”.

bts j-hope
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