This is the reason why Lee Min Ho still remains hot after 15 years in the industry, despite some unsuccessful works

The fact that Lee Min Ho still retains his charm after so many years in the industry is not something every actor can do.

Lee Min Ho will have a comeback on the screen in 2022 with a web project called Pachinko. It is known that the actor will play the villain in this drama. 

The first images of the drama released by the production crew tease a chic and cool image of the male god and immediately cause a fever on the internet. 

Although having been in the industry for 15 years, every time he reappears, Lee Min Ho brings the audience an irresistible charm that not anyone can do.

Accordingly, netizens recently pointed out a detail and said that this is the reason why Lee Min Ho still retains his charm after all these years. 

Fans believe that it is his love for the job, the rigor, and the desire for the most perfect scenes that are the factors that make Lee Min Ho so popular with the audience.

At the present time, fans are eagerly waiting for Lee Min Ho‘s performance in the Pachinko project, as his previous work The King: Eternal Monarch, in which he starred as the male lead, did not resonate, although it was very much expected.

The actor’s upcoming work Pachinko is a drama about a Korean family of four generations, set during the Japanese occupation of Korea and the beginning of World War II. These family members have overcome many difficulties of life, been through fluctuations of history, and experienced many losses. 

In the drama, Lee Min Ho plays a Korean man who doesn’t easily give himself up to fate and rises up in the difficult years of his life.

Currently, the drama’s producer has not had an official broadcast schedule.

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