YouTube channel “Garo Sero Research Institute” angered netizens when commenting badly about BLACKPINK

Even though BLACKPINK’s contract with Samsung has already ended, articles about the girls’ new iPhone are still spreading online. Garo Sero Institute jumped in to criticized BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Instagram (left), the Garo Sero Institute Youtube channel (right)

On the afternoon of Oct 12th, the Garo Sero Research Institute conducted a live broadcast titled “Shameless BLACKPINK” on YouTube.

The article about BLACKPINK on Garosero Institue (from 1:15:00)

In the broadcast that day, former reporter Kim Se-ui and YouTuber witness K talked about the major news of Samsung Electronics and the controversy over BLACKPINK‘s phone change. Earlier, on many community forums, articles about BLACKPINK changing their mobile phones to iPhones as soon as their contracts with Samsung Electronics ended are spreading, sparking controversy.

Former reporter Kim said, “As a person who studied public relations and marketing, it is against business moralities,” adding, “The biggest mistake that BLACKPINK has made is, Samsung currently occupies the biggest part of the Korean advertising market. Is BLACKPINK trying to break ties with Samsung in the future?” he pointed out. He then said, “If you brag about your iPhone, does Steve Jobs give you a prize or something?”


Witness K said, “BLACKPINK did nothing wrong. However, since it was an exclusive contract, if they use Samsung Galaxy phones as their second phones or at least not showing their trust in iPhone too much, their image could be better in the public eye.”

He also mentioned the issue about Jisoo’s expression in the post she uploaded to flex her new phone. In that post, Jisoo said, “Wow, I’ve just changed it. New phone, cute case”. Witness K commented, “This may not mean that she threw away her Samsung then bought an iPhone. However, this comment can be seen as a punch delivered right into Samsung’s face.”


BLACKPINK signed the contract to be CF models for Samsung Electronics from 2019 to August 2020. Therefore, Samsung also introduced the mid-priced Galaxy A80 BLACKPINK Edition in countries like Thailand and Malaysia.


However, a year later, it was confirmed that all BLACKPINK members, including Jisoo, had changed their phones to iPhones. Articles titled “They show no mercy after the contract expired” were posted on many online communities.

Source: Nate

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