“Song Request” (ft. Suga) – what’s special in this collab between 2 generations of 3 different music style?

“Song Request” is packed with sorrowful melody coming from a rainy Sunday afternoon radio with the singing voice of experienced singer Lee Sora and the young rapper Suga from BTS.

16:00 (KST) Jan 22nd, 2019, the collaboration track between Lee Sora – Tablo – Suga was officially released. “Song Request” was the first featuring song of Suga – a member of the global boygroup BTS. With the appearance of this famous rapper, “Song Request” is noticed more by fans and media from abroad. However, the quality of the song is undeniably charming with catchy but soulful melody.

“Song Request” – the collaboration of 2 generations and 3 different styles of music

The track was composed by rapper Tablo of the Korean legendary hiphop group – Epik High. This must be why the song is heavily influenced by the vibe of hiphop in the 2000s. Listening to “Song Request”, it is not hard to realize that it’s quite similar to the track “Umbrella” – an 2008 Epik High song featuring Younha. The retro melody along with the experienced vocal of Lee Sora gives “Song Request” a hint of a generation of artists of the past. This is why, Suga’s voice featuring is a fresh note for “Song Request” to fit more with the taste of young Koreans.

Suga‘s voice contribution is a fresh wind blowing into “Song Request”

As a combination of two generations of artists, “Song Request” clearly shows three distinct musical personalities. With Tablo, we see strong hip-hop style through the drums in the melody produced by himself while Lee Sora is soft, skillful when singing. As for Suga, his deep, distinct rap voice made the listener think of a young artist who is full of charisma. Therefore, it can be said that “Song Request” is a combination of “two but three”.

Sad melodious songs for the rain radio on a  cold afternoon.

As its name suggests, “Song Request” is a song dedicated to the radio station. The lyrics of the song is a lonely night story, the radio presenter reads the letter from a person who requests the song and tells the audience the story. The perfect lyrics and the harmonious melody make the fans slowly sink into the sadness of a cold afternoon when listening to the radio. The “Song Request” MV is a dark, rainy scene which is extremely suitable for the emotions that the song brings.

MV “Song Request” – LeeSoRa ft. Suga (BTS)

After released for a few hours, the song became the most popular topic on Twitter, reaching the Top 10 Melon Realtime. These are very respectable achievements for an artist’s song which is not as much noticed by young people as Lee Sora. Although Suga‘s reputation helped make the song more anticipated, it is the musical elements of “Song Request” that is the main reason for the warm reception of the audience. And of course, these musical elements cannot be without the contribution of the young, talented rapper.

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