Apink, “Eun-ji will get married first.. She is truly pure and weak in front of people she loves”

Apink picked Jung Eun-ji as the member who might get married first.

While Apink was having an honest talk during the wine party on the recent broadcast of their solo reality show SBS MTV’s “Apinkation”, Nam-joo asked, “Who do you guys think will get married first?”

Each Apink member pointed at the member they chose, Bo-mi then confessed, “I think Cho-rong unnie and Eun-ji will be the last to get married”, adding, “Eun-ji loves working so much… Since she is greedy for work (I think she will get married late)”.

However, Nam-joo and Ha-young disagreed with Bo-mi’s opinion. Nam-joo raised her voice, saying, “I think Eun-ji unnie can go faster”. Ha-young added, “Eun-ji unnie has a great sense of responsibility…”. Nam-joo gave Eun-ji the nickname Eun-soonie (Quietly pure) and said, “Eun-ji unnie is quite quietly pure. She’s quietly nice and… She looks strong on the outside, but is actually the weakest”. Ha-young also agreed that Eun-ji is “truly pure” and “weak in front of people she loves”.

Apink enjoyed such a good time sharing their honest thoughts about the future and showing affection for the group members. “Apinkation” is a program where you can see Apink’s special vacation. The first episode of “Apinkation” will air on SBS MTV at 7:30 P.M on February 22nd. The show can be found on SBS Fil at 6 P.M on February 24th.

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