The little girl in these pictures has grown up and become an idol who attracts fans with her drowsy eyes

Childhood photos of Roh Ji-sun, a member of girl group fromis_9, recently drew keen attention.

An article titled “The childhood life of a female idol” was posted on the online community FOMOS on June 13th.

The article contains several photos of fromis_9’s Roh Ji-sun when she was a little kid. In particular, fans easily recognized Roh Ji-sun thanks to the unchanging signature drowsy and attractive gaze from her unique bleary eyes.

Born in 1998, Roh Ji-sun competed in the survival audition program “Idol School”, which aired on Mnet in July 2017. She made her debut as a member of fromis_9 in 2018.


Roh Ji-sun is known to have lots of talents in various fields. She used to learn how to slice sashimi because she wanted to eat flatfish. 

Source: wikitree

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