Kang Dong-won’s Captivating Presence at ‘Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman’ Press Conference

Kang Dong-won impressed with his captivating beauty that could even enchant ghosts

Alongside Kang Dong-won, actors like Heo Joon-ho, ESom, Lee Dong-hwi, Kim Jong-soo, Park So-i, and director Kim Sung-sik attended the press conference and media event for ‘Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman,’ which took place on September 19th in Yongsan-gu, Seoul at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall.

Kang Dong-won appeared in a white suit, resembling a prince on a white horse. During the press conference, when he smiled while listening to reporters’ questions, one could often hear expressions of admiration like “Oh my” from those around him. He had prepared to captivate everyone with his original handsome appearance, even during the moments he listened to questions.\

Kang Dong-won

During the ensuing photo time, amidst numerous flashes, he struck relaxed poses and smiled, seemingly enjoying being the original flower boy.

‘Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman’ tells the story of a fake exorcist, Dr. Cheon (Kang Dong-won), who doesn’t believe in ghosts but starts getting requests for exorcisms after seeing a ghost from a client named Yoo Kyung (ESom). On the day of its release, it surpassed 172,372 ticket reservations.

Source: daum

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