BTS RM’s solo album praised by American media, “A record of an artist at the top of his game” 

RM’s first solo album ‘Indigo’ is receiving favorable reviews from major foreign media outlets.

Consequence of Sound, an American music media, recently said, “Indigo contains many things, an artist expressing the frustrations of a uniquely isolating chapter of life, creative catharsis, room for experimentation, poignant unraveling of heartbreak and hope. Most of all, it’s a record from a writer at the very top of his game.”

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The Atlantic, an American magazine, said, “RM has found meaning in the uproar of global stardom through his solo album ‘Indigo.’ RM’s lyrics deal with art, identity, popularity, and the nature of love.”

Clash, a British music magazine, said, “RM has vividly presented lessons, artistic competence, and a mature perspective on aging through this album, reminiscent of an ‘indigo’ colored forest nestled among trees. Through this album, RM shows his growth, and it feels like he exists clearly between all the tracks. ‘Indigo’ is calm, empathetic, and gives a fresh feeling.”

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American music magazine Rolling Stone said, “In the b-side song ‘Yun’, RM integrates his appreciation of modern Korean art and golden age hip-hop and R&B in the 1990s to pay tribute to their innovation.”

Various other foreign media such as Variety, Vogue, Pitchfork in the US and The Guardian in the UK also paid keen attention to RM’s solo album ‘Indigo’.

Source: Daum. 

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