“Do they think they’re BTS?” Kpop girl group mocked by Korean journalists for not removing masks, netizens enraged

Netizens expressed anger at the distasteful actions of Korean journalists. 

A topic regarding the Kpop girl group fromis_9 is drawing attention on the Korean forum Pann. In particular, a topic titled “Did you guys see journalists trash-talking about fromis_9?”, revealed the disrespectful words journalists hauled from fromis_9 after the group refused to take off their mask before filming their music performance. 

The topic linked a video of fromis_9, published by a Korean media site, in which journalists could be heard saying things like “Ugh they have masks on”, “They look so indifferent~”,“Do they think they’re BTS?”, “Mood killers”, “Should’ve done something entertaining just like Viviz did”, and more.

Journalists also complained that fromis_9 have been going to music shows with masks on for 3 consecutive weeks, making it hard for them to take photos. They insulted the group for not making cute interactions and aegyo, and compared them to VIVIZ, who did entertaining things with masks on. 

They’re a girl group at the level of BTS”, “They know it and still act like that all the time sigh”, several reporters said sarcastically, before demanding fromis_9 to take off their mask. 

However, the leader Saerom refused and promised they’d do it the week after, to which a reporter said mockingly: “Yeah right you would.” 

Immediately after being published, the original post gained numerous views,becoming a hot topic and got featured on official news sites. Regarding fromis_9’s actions, netizens show contrasting reactions, with some agreeing that fromis_9 should learn from VIVIZ and look less apathetic, while others call journalists hypocrites for criticizing Kpop idols regardless of them having masks or not. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • Isn’t the choice to wear masks or not belong to the girls? Who do those journalists think they are to be dictating their actions? 
  • Those agreeing with those trash journalists, if they (fromis_9) catch Covid and have to halt their promotions and quarantine at home, would you take responsibility? 
  • Isn’t it just because they act so boring? VIVIZ was entertaining so the journalists were fine with them wearing masks. 
  • Anyone can tell that the journalists are the one acting wrong here
  • Isn’t wearing masks a free choice?
  • For those commenting about VIVIZ, if you watch VIVIZ’s video, it’d be obvious that trash reporters were also forcing them to remove the mask, but VIVIZ said they wear bare-faced and apologize at least 10 times, even bowing 90 degrees. They are top-notch in terms of manners, but I don’t see why they have to be sorry for those reporters. 

Source: pann

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