Blackpink surpasses 1.5 million album pre-orders within just a week!

BLACKPINK will soon regain the queen’s crown with their 2nd full album

YG Entertainment announced on the 18th that BLACKPINK‘s 2nd regular album ‘BORN PINK’ pre-orders exceeded 1.5 million copies within a week of pre-order.

Considering that the album’s release date (September 16) is still almost a month away, it’s not impossible for the group to hit 2 million or even 3 million pre-orders.

The pre-orders record of girl groups is currently held by aespa. Aespa’s second mini-album, ‘Girls’, released last month, has already recorded 1.61 million pre-orders. Prior to aespa, the record of pre-orders for K-pop girl groups was 1 million copies of Blackpink’s 1st regular album ‘The Album’ released in October 2020. It is certain that BLACKPINK will rewrite the K-Pop girl groups’ pre-order record with their 2nd regular album.

Considering all Kpop groups, BTS is still the owner of the record for the most pre-orders. BTS’ 4th full-length album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, released in 2020, recorded 4.02 million pre-orders.

Attention is also drawn to the Initial Chodong and final sales of BLACKPINK’s 2nd full-length album. The first place in the K-pop girl group’s Initial Chodong and cumulative sales is also held by aespa with ‘Girls’.

In the first week of its release last month, “Girls” became the first K-pop girl group’s first million-seller with sales of 1.42 million copies (based on the Circle chart). Cumulative sales reached 1.64 million by July. BLACKPINK’s “The Album” is known to have accumulated sales of 1.4 million copies so far.

YG said, “As BLACKPINK has achieved remarkable growth in the global music market, they are expected to set new records. In fact, BLACKPINK has broken records on major global charts and YouTube, etc.

In particular, ‘The Album’ took second place on the US Billboard 200 and UK Official Chart, making BLACKPINK the first K-pop girl group to become a million-selling single. Considering the group’s fandom has become stronger now than it was then and BLACKPINK’s rising status, industry observers predict that the YG girl group will do even better with the upcoming comeback.

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