“Because our second act has started…” TWICE’s Sana talks about things she wants to do after contract renewal 

TWICE’s Sana mentioned what she would like to do after renewing her contract.

On September 1st, a video titled “RE:EARTH challenge: TWICE’s Sana was posted on the official YouTube channel Monotube.

At the beginning of the video, Sana explained the highlight choreography of TWICE’s latest title song “Talk that Talk”, saying, “There are many choreography tailored to the lyrics, so there is a dance that matches the lyrics of ‘L-O-V-E’.”

Then, Sana mentioned TWICE’s recent contract renewal. She said, “TWICE has renewed our contract and our second act has started.” Regarding something she wanted to do now that TWICE’s contract has been extended, she said, “There are still many countries we couldn’t go to. I hope we can go to more countries we haven’t been to.” 

In response, the production crew asked Sana about her English skills, she said while laughing, “I want to do well. I do, but I can’t do it with my heart.”

Prior to the 7th anniversary of their debut and the expiration of their exclusive contract, TWICE drew attention when all members renewed their contract with their agency JYP Entertainment in July. TWICE made a comeback with the release of their new album “BETWEEN 1&2” on August 26th.

Source: nate

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