“We will soon answer all controversies related to BTS’ Busan concert,” said the city government

Amid various controversies regarding BTS’ concert in Busan, politicians finally express their stance.

In a call with Yonhap News on September 1st, Seo Eun Sook, chairman of Busan City’s Democratic Party of Korea, said: “Busan citizens do not agree at all about the venue for the BTS concert in Busan. There are various suspicions about the venue, which will also be clearly investigated and revealed later.”

Previously, the city of Busan decided to hold a free concert featuring BTS in October to bid for the 2030 World Expo (Expo). The concert will take place on a makeshift stage in Ilgwang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, but several problems have arisen and controversies have arisen.

In particular, the schedule site is pointed out as inappropriate for a concert venue, due to poor accessibility and the lack of connected public transportation. However, the organizer of the concert, together with the city of Busan, have reviewed several places such as the Busan Asiad Main Stadium and Samrak Ecological Park in Sasang-gu, before deciding on the final location. 

This site is pending for public contribution review by the city council. Citizens are concerned that huge development profits could go to private construction companies, with land prices rising by 170.5 billion won due to the change in use from general industrial areas to semi-residential areas. Dongil Construction, a developer, proposed to build 2,000 apartments with up to 48 floors, accommodation facilities, marine culture, and tourism facilities in the area. 

In addition, in the area of ​​Cheonggwang-ri, Ilgwang-myeon, Gijang-gun, several pieces of land under the name of Mayor Park Hyung Jun’s family have been registered.

Regarding the choice of venue for BTS’ concert, Seo Eun Sook, admitted: “The Busan Asiad Main Stadium is where BTS has already held a performance once, and other sites have been reviewed, but the current location was selected amid safety and accessibility concerns. BTS fans and citizens have been expressing disagreements.” 

Busan City’s Democratic Party of Korea also issued a statement on the same day, saying: “The selected venue is not suitable for a large number of people to enjoy the performance, and the only driveway is a two-lane road with no separate sidewalk and roadway, so traffic disruption is obvious.” 

There is a high risk of safety accidents, especially as 100,000 spectators tried leaving at once,” they added.

Seo Eun Sook also criticized: “There are few convenience facilities such as restaurants as well as accommodations nearby, so if we call in numerous people from home and abroad, we will be humiliated internationally.”

Finally, he emphasized: “The biggest concern is safety, and if an accident occurs, it will be a fatal blow to BTS’ reputation.”

Source: daum

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