“Just don’t do it,” the public is not very happy after hearing about BTS’s free concert for 100.000 audiences

BTS recently announced a free concert in October for the hosting bid of the 2030 Busan World Expo. However, fans are rather criticizing the unrealistic concert conditions.

BTS announced on the global fandom live platform “Weverse” on August 24th that they will hold the concert “BTS <Yet To Come> in Busan” for the host bidding of the “2030 Busan World Expo.”


The concert is reported to be a huge scale that can accommodate up to 100,000 people, making fans excited. However, when the venue for the concert was revealed, fans began to get angry.

The concert will be held on the Ilgwang special stage in Gijang-gun, Busan. The address is 188, Ilgwang-ro, Ilgwang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan. This was reportedly the site of the Hankook glass factory in the past and is now an open space.


According to footages of the venue, the place is adjacent to the sea and reminds the audience of a wasteland. The size of the road leading to the venue or the parking space does not seem enough for 100,000 people. As a result, people are raising concerns about traffic problems.

Furthermore, fans cite the safety of artists and audiences as the biggest risk factor because the place is not supposed to be a concert hall.


Fans without their own cars are also showing concerns about transportation. It takes about 5 minutes by car from Ilgwang Station to the venue and about 15 minutes by public transportation. However, traffic congestion is expected to be serious as the road consists of only two narrow lanes.

Meanwhile, HYBE, BTS’ agency, has revealed its plans to sell hotel products linked to this Busan concert, drawing further public outrage from fans.

The list of hotels revealed by the agency includes Paradise Hotel Busan, Grand Chosun Busan, Park Hyatt Busan, Lotte Hotel Busan, Fairfield by Marriott Busan Songdo Beach, etc. However, all of these hotels usually take more than an hour to the concert venue.


The online community theqoo is enraged, saying, “The situation will be so messy,” “Aside from everything else, the traffic will be hell,” “Just don’t do it,” “The venue is bad too, why is Busan city so unprepared?” “It’s the first time I don’t want a concert to happen,” “Please don’t have any accident,” “I’m worried,” “I’ve seen the venue, it’s just an empty lot, will they be able to control the situation?” “Things will go down really bad,” “There’s nothing to be comfortable about that venue, traffic, accommodation and everything,” “I would rather spend money to watch them somewhere else.”

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