BLACKPINK’s recipe of success in Kpop – the “4Q”

With individual gifts and members’ multi-talents, BLACKPINK rises to become a powerful group in Kpop. 

After more than one day of release, up to 12 a.m. of August 21st, BLACKPINK’s “PINK VENOM” MV has reached 134 million views on YouTube, standing at no.1 Trending on after several hours of its drop. 

No one could deny the extent of investment, the grand scale of the MV and the professionalism in “PINK VENOM”. Fans are taking the music video to social media to share and express and enjoy the MV with a never-seen-before heat. 


It is safe to say that BLACKPINK mastered the principles of Kpop and refined the model of role distribution. Each member is in charge of their separate roles while still working seamlessly together. They bring this simple division of roles in Kpop to a new height with their “4Q”. 

Jennie – Queen of Rap

Talented Jennie Kim who has good rapping skills and overflowing charm. Image: CMH 

As the main rapper of BLACKPINK, Jennie is called the “Queen of Rap” for her all-roundedness and multi-talents. While already a powerful rapper herself, the idol still has a stable and powerful vocal ability. Her rap features in “PINK VENOM” showcased all her strengths and charm as well as her stunning beauty as among the top faces of K-pop. Jennie is known for her sharp looks and classy aura that were expressed with every rap verse the idol performs. 

She is also capable of executing complex choreography and powerful stage performance, earning herself the title “Queen of Rap”. 

Lisa – Queen of Dance

Lisa has blown viewers of television shows away every time the main dancer shows off her ability to memorize choreography and imitate them with perfect detail on her first try. The idol always shines when she performs and is not afraid to showcase her natural talent in choreography. 

blackpink lisa
Lisa is also a respected “main dancer” of BLACKPINK. Image: CMH 

As the main dancer for the group, Lisa is responsible for a majority of complex dance performances and usually at the center of the choreography scenes. Yet, the idol never fails to do her job with well executed and appealing dance moves. 

blackpink lisa

Lisa is also a charismatic member of her group. Not only is she a wonderful dancer but also a capable rapper. She is BLACKPINK’s unique element that cannot be found elsewhere. Lisa is the “Most Beautiful Face of 2021”, a ranking published by TC Candler and The Independent Critics. 

Rose – Queen of Vocal

As the main vocalist, the idol is given the demanding parts of a song, the high-note-hitting singer of the group. In “PINK VENOM”, the chorus, the soul of a song, is executed seamlessly by Rosé with her clear, powerful and capable voice. 

blackpink rosé
Rosé possesses a powerful and clear voice. Image: CMH 

Rosé is often listed among the beautiful voices of Kpop, praised for her refined vocal techniques in performances, earning for her title as the “Queen of Vocal” in K-pop. 

Jisoo – Queen of Visual

For the past 2 days, Jisoo sent fans into a frenzy with her “over the top” visuals in “PINK VENOM”. 

blackpink jisoo
Jisoo stunted the audience with her exotic and stunning looks in “PINK VENOM”. Image: CMH 

She appears as the visual of the group in the MV thanks to her sophisticated looks, from outfits and to the accessories on her hair and the mysterious settings surrounding the idol. 

Her first scene playing a Korean instrument, the Geomungo, is both eerie and captivating to watch. Her appearances and costumes convey a distinct aura that perhaps only the group’s main visual with outstanding beauty and unique appeal can pull off. 

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