The share prices of 5 major companies depreciated of the influence of ‘Seungri and 2 male singers’

The shares situation of KPOP ‘top companies’ proved to be not very positive in the current context.

On the morning of March 11, the female reporter Kang Kyung Yoon and SBS FunE came back with a new accused KakaoTalk message. This message is in a group chat, secretly sharing pictures and videos of drunken girls in nightclubs, especially sex scenes.

According to published information, this KakaoTalk group chat has 8 participants in total, including Seungri, two famous male singers, CEO Yoo, “Kim”, an employee working in an entertainment company and the other two people who are not active in the entertainment industry.

Immediately, netizens tried to find out who could be “two famous male singers” in the shocking messages.

The new situation caused the entertainment industry which had been unstable for a long time to shake. Considering the share situation of 5 major entertainment companies, observers found that share prices of all 5 companies declined.


On March 14, 1440 (KST), YG Entertainment‘s stock price dropped 15.61% to KRW 36,850. Since the end of February, YG‘s stock has continuously declined. On March 8, the stock price only increased a little thanks to the news that Seungri entered the army but then continued to drop on March 10, when Seungri became a suspect of the prostitution brokering case.

The two companies SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment also witnessed a decline in stocks when both decreased by 11.92% and 2.16%, respectively, to a value of 39,900 KRW and 29,450 KRW.

FNC Entertainment‘s stock has also dropped a lot, as it is only valued at 9,090 KRW, which is 11.32% lower than the previous day.

Cube Entertainment‘s stock also dropped 5.03% to 5,470 KRW.

At the moment, the shares of all 5 companies have increased slightly, but except for JYP, the situation of the other 4 companies is still not optimistic.

In another development, Seungri has announced his retirement from the entertainment industry.

Source: tinnhac

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