Actress Kim Su Jung, who recently became an adult, draws attention for looking like ITZY Yuna 

Child actress Kim Su Jung is becoming a hot topic for her newly-updated situation. 

Actress Kim Su Jung, who has recently grown beyond recognition, has become a hot topic among netizens. 

littlle kim soo jung

In the past, Kim Su Jung drew attention for being the mascot of “Star Golden Bell” with doll-like visuals, where she always said the iconic line “That’s the correct answer!” whenever celebrities got the question right. 

In addition, her chemistry with comedian Kim Tae Hyun, who was always joking, became the talk of town in every broadcast, making the actress remain in the memory of many people to this day. 

littlle kim soo jung

Born to a Korean father and a mixed-Russian mother, Kim Su Jung started her career as a child model in 2007, when she was just 4 years old, and appeared in various advertisements and pictorials. 

Her perfect visuals were highly praised, and whenever she spoke, the actress moved her plump cheeks, round eyes with thick double eyelids, and cherry-like lips, drawing smiles from aunts and uncles across the country.

littlle kim soo jung

Now all grown up, Kim Su Jung still exuded a warmth aura with her lovely appearance. 

In 2022, Kim Su Jung, who turned 18, gradually took off her child-like aura and showed off her surprising maturity.  She also appeared in dramas and movies and worked as an actress. 

littlle kim soo jung

Now, the actress is currently revealing her daily life through Instagram.

Netizens reacted enthusiastically to the appearance of Kim Su Jung, who grew up with flawless visuals, leaving comments such as “She changed properly”, “She’s still pretty”, “She looks like ITZY Yuna“, etc.

Fans are looking forward to the actress’ entertainment activities with reactions such as “I really liked her acting, I want to see her again” and “I am looking forward to her new work”, so attention is focused on what kind of activities she will do in the future.

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