Final decision on Jin (BTS) military enlistment will be made by December 

Careful consideration of BTS’ military enlistment is being carried out.

According to the Korean media, on October 5th, Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo Kyun said: “Member Jin’s enlistment is set to be sorted out by December, but the MCST will finalize our stance before that”. BTS’ oldest member, Jin (born in 1992) is postponing his military duty to the end of this year according to the 2020 Amendment to the Military Service Act. However, the Amendment is currently pending at the National Assembly. If the exemption does not apply,  the male idol will have to enlist in the military early next year. 

bts jin
According to the current law, Jin will have to enlist early next year. 

Minister Park Bo Kyun continued: “BTS has made Korea known as the vanguard of K-culture and created a huge economic ripple effect, there are equity issues between popular artists including BTS and those who practice fine arts, this will affect the group when one of the BTS members joins the army, there are [results of] public opinion analysis and opinions of men in their 20s, and so on.” 


Previously, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism reported to higher offices on alternatives to improve human resources in arts and sports in accordance with the directive from the office of the President. The content of the report stated that in situations where all BTS members participate in performances, the group will receive permission to stay overseas and out of military bounds for 120 days each year. 

Source: BB

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