The close relationship between Jennie (BLACKPINK) and luxury brand Chanel: resizing their own “one of the kind” outfit, sending coffee truck to support her comeback 

Jennie embodies the spirits of Chanel through every outfit and keeps a close relationship with their board of directors. 

Since her debut in 2016 with BLACKPINK, Jennie has accumulated a dream asset. Her visuals and charisma soon captured the eyes of brands across different fields. Specifically, as a House Ambassador for Chanel, her life has changed for the better. 

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 BLACKPINK’s main rapper is favored by the brand she represents, Chanel. (Image: Instagram jennierubyjane)

 Recently, the rapper took a trip to France to attend the Paris Fashion Week as a face representing Chanel. Her appearance blew fans away for a trendy look and  unique charm. 

Jennie chose an off one shoulder dress textured with the symbol of Chanel. Her matching overcoat added another layer of attractiveness onto the rapper. 

The female idol became the talk of the town at her appearance. (Image: Twitter @NEWSJENNlE)
She was deemed the “walking and breathing Chanel” with undeniable charisma. (Image: Twitter @souzaaap)

Her outfit also caught attention as the design was out to public previously. Moreover, it was said that Chanel even resized the outfit so that it could be a perfect fit on Jennie’s body. 

Jennie’s outfit went through trimming and sewing to fit the rapper perfectly. (Image: Instagram jennierubyjane)

Jennie once put on a symbolic outfit of Chanel in the 2019 Fall/Winter show. Before the attire could be a perfect fit, it had to undergo several adjustments. 

Jennie at Chanel shows
Jennie in the recognizable white tweed dress. (Image: Kpopping) 

Chanel quickly provided a service called “Made-to-measure” to solve the issue. The item was designed specifically according to the idol’s measurements, creating a complete look at the event. 

Jennie at Chanel shows
The idol radiated charisma in Chanel’s design. (Image: Pinterest) 

As a House Ambassador, Jennie always secures a front row seat at Chanel fashion shows. She is often seen having intimate conversations and exchanges with major figures in Chanel: Fabric Director Kim Young Seong, Creative Director Virginie Viard, President of fashion Bruno Pavlovsky. 

Jennie Chanel Show Paris Fashion Week 2022
Jennie received a warm welcome from the powerful director board in Chanel. (Image: KBizzoom) 
Jennie Chanel Show Paris Fashion Week 2022
The Fabric Director of Chanel showed her intimacy with BLACKPINK’s main rapper. (Image: Pinterest) 
Jennie Chanel Show Paris Fashion Week 2022
 Jennie shook hands with their Creative Director. (Image: Kpopping) 

 Jennie is often on the cover of major magazines. She proves herself to be the House Ambassador of Chanel by taking on different looks, embodying the spirit of the design while expressing her personal colors. 

jennie blackpink chanel dress
This Chanel dress costs up to 58 million won.
jennie blackpink elle

The idol boasts her stunning beauty in a Chanel design. (Image: ELLE) 

Chanel also keeps an eye on their ambassador’s artistic activities. During the time of BLACKPINK’s comeback, France’s top designing house also sent a coffee truck to show support for the group’s return to the music field and their Ambassador. 

blackpink jennie instagram
Chanel sent a coffee truck to support Jennie in her comeback. (Image: Instagram jennierubyjane)

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