Jeon So Mi, “Someone recentlya asked me for my numbers. It was the first time for me”

Jeon So Mi showed off her true friendship with BamBam.

On April 7th, BamBam’s Youtube channel uploaded a video titled “Jeon So Mi came to discipline BamBam’s friendship”.

Upon hearing Bam Bam complimented that she got taller, Jeon So Mi said, “And you are getting shorter. You need to do Pilates.”

When Jeon So Mi asked about the water bottles BamBam displayed in his house, BamBam said, “I normally do that because I don’t drink it cold”. Hearing that, Jeon So Mi commented, “You are being too clean”. BamBam reacted, “I’ve known her for 7-8 years and I never won against her”. Jeon So Mi said, “I think even if we fought with each other physically, I will still win”.

Jeon Somi Bambam

When Jeon So Mi said she watched Ye Na’s episode, BamBam shared, “A lot of people made fun of me with that. They were like ‘who manages money like that?’, ‘you shouldn’t worry celebrities’.” Jeon So Mi said, “I also feel the same. People say ‘You shouldn’t worry celebrities’, but ‘Why not?’. Please worry about us, too. We also have concerns and we are tired too”.

Regarding Jeon So Mi, BamBam complimented, “Somi is a really good sister. Honestly, I am annoyed when I can’t win against her and when she makes fun of me but she doesn’t change at all. The important thing is that she is always by my side. She’s my best younger sister”.

Jeon So Mi also talked about BamBam, saying “Your heart is very deep with perseverance like a root of a tree. But at the same time, you are fragile like a branch. Because you are too thin. Looking at you motivates me to be on a diet”.

Jeon Somi Bambam

Revealing that someone got her number recently, Jeon So Mi confessed, “It was so funny. On Christmas day, I was with my mom and I really wanted to eat Tanghulu. So I was waiting in the line to buy Tanghuly in Hongdae with cap and mask on. I am not trying to brag that ‘Who can not recognize me?’. I am just saying taht he should have seen me at least once somewhere. The funny thing is that a guy in his 20s came to me and said, ‘Excuse me, how you dress is really my type and you look a bit foreign. Can I have your number?’”

When BamBam asked if he is handsome, Jeon So Mi said, “Among my friends who are celebrities, a lot of them had experiences where people asked for their numbers. But it was the first time for me.”

Lastly, Jeon So Mi said, “I’m always on your side but your priority is always you.”

Source: Nate

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