Dynamic of Fandom Support Within SM Groups: Huge Gap in Sales Index Between Popular Members and Others

The gap between fans’ buying power that reflects individual popularity within SM idol groups is gaining attention

Well-known for its ability in building robust and loyal fandoms, SM Entertainment stands as the only K-pop company with a continuous legacy spanning five generations of idols. However, within SM successful groups, the spotlight doesn’t always shine evenly on every member.

As we delve into SM groups’ fandom dynamics, it becomes evident that a significant difference exists within the support given to members, particularly in terms of popularity, fans’ purchasing power, and overall support for what fans classify as popular members vs. less popular members. 

For instance, NCT Dream‘s 7th Anniversary Sales Index on YES24 reveals a notable gap between Jaemin, Jeno, and the rest of the group. A similar pattern emerges in Red Velvet’s YES24 9th Anniversary Sales Index, where Seulgi and Irene stand out with significantly higher sales compared to other members.

red velvet

The global online marketplace further highlights this phenomenon, with Red Velvet‘s individual album covers seeing a stark difference, and Seulgi’s cover being the only one to sell out. 

Meanwhile, aespa experiences a notable divide in sales ratios for Bazzar magazine covers and desk calendars, emphasizing a gap between Karina, Winter, and the other two members, NingNing and Giselle.

Even the rookie boy group RIIZE faces a similar scenario. There is a significant difference in MD collection sales on YES24 from the members’ individual Chinese fanbases during “Get a Guitar” promotion, with Wonbin overshadowing others.

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