Girls’ Generation: “The current leader is Yoona, she’s good at organizing things quickly”

Girls’ Generation revealed that their current leader is Yoona.

Tiffany and Sunny of Girls’ Generation appeared on MBC Radio FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Hope Song,” which aired on the afternoon of August 9th, and talked about their new album.

On this day, Yoona was selected as the member who talked the most in the group chat of Girls’ Generation. In response, Sunny said, “About she having no choice but to talk a lot, we changed the leader system and take turns this time, and Yoona is good at organizing things quickly.”

Tiffany said, “Yoona is the class president, while Sooyoung and Tiffany is the vice president. When we were near the promotion period, we has to decide on who would organize the outfits, and who would organize the music show schedules, so we asked one to be the leader each month because if only one does it, they might be burnt out. It’s so efficient and doing so well, this system is so good in terms that if I’m having a hard time, they will help lead me to overcome it.”


“In fact, I was the one who was burnt out,” she said. “I’ve been doing everything alone for a year and a half, and I couldn’t come to my senses in August. I have thought ‘Girls’ Generation is so cool’ because there is a space where we could fill each other, protect and care for each other,” she stressed.


Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation’s new song “Forever 1,” which was released on August 5th, is a pop dance song with dynamic development and energetic melodies, giving an exciting atmosphere as if they were at a festival, and expressing their eternal love for precious people who are always supportive towards them in the lyrics.

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