Bambam talked about his collaboration with Red Velvet Seulgi, “I contacted her via DM. It was our first conversation although we debuted in the same year”

Bambam revealed the process of making the collaboration with Red Velvet Seulgi.

Bambam held an online showcase with the media on the afternoon of January 18th to celebrate the release of his 2nd mini-album “B”.

seulgi bambam

When asked whether his album was named after the letter “B” in his name “Bambam”, Bambam replied, “That’s right”. He then introduced the album, saying, “There are two versions for this album. If you place them side by side, it will become ‘BB’. This is an album containing my own world, color, and stories. While listening to this album, I think you will recognize, ‘This is what Bambam was thinking about’.”

The double title song “Who Are You”, which was unveiled before the album’s release, is a song that combines acoustic guitar sound and heavy drum beat on minor chords to give a heavy echo. Bambam’s atmospheric vocal and Red Velvet Seulgi’s attractive voice combined and created a sophisticated yet emotional melody.

seulgi bambam

Regarding “Who Are You”, Bambam said, “I cherished this song so much. I thought of many people when I said I wanted to make a collaboration. But since the song was not 100% completed, I decided to put it on hold”.

Bambam, who once appeared on Naver NOW.’s ‘SEULGIzip’ during ‘riBBon’ promotion, revealed the collaboration production, saying, “That thought suddenly came while I was filming the broadcast. I thought Seulgi noona’s dance, height, and voice might fit this song. After the broadcast, she posted a photo on her Instagram and tagged the guest. There was no way for me to contact her at first, but after receiving a DM notice, I immediately contacted her.”

When asked about the process, Bambam said, “Honestly, the song went through many modifications. There were parts that I did on my own, but I also asked for her suggestions. We practiced a lot because teamwork is an important factor in this choreography. She gave me lots of feedback so that we could share our ideas with each other comfortably.”

In fact, the two debuted in the same year. Bambam said, “We also talked with each other about many things. She said, ‘We debuted in the same year but only talk to each other for the first time by now’. Then we shared many fun stories from our debut days until now and sympathized with each other.”

seulgi bambam

Bambam, who was in Thailand when “Who Are You” was released, said, “We kept in touch with each other. We didn’t watch the MV together but we still gave each other some feedback. She said, ‘I really love the CG effect in this MV’, ‘Thank you for doing the last collaboration with me this year’. I was more thankful for her help. We have great teamwork”. He then thanked Seulgi once again.

Meanwhile, Bambam’s 2nd mini-album “B” was released on all online music sites at 6 P.M on January 18th.


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