Bambam reveals GOT7 tries not to overlap their activities and plans for a group comeback

Bambam said that he and GOT7 members discuss not to overlap with each other in their comeback, adding that they have plans for group activities.


Bambam held an online media showcase in the afternoon of January 18th to celebrate the release of his second mini-album “B.”

After starting his solo career successfully by releasing his first solo album “riBbon” in June last year, Bambam released his second mini-album “B,” which tells the story of his mysterious and ever-changing world full of various colors. This album has 6 songs, including the title songs “Slow Mo” and “Who Are You (Feat. Seulgi of Red Velvet)”, “Intro (Satellites)”, “Subliminal“, “Let Me Love You” and “Ride or Die.”

When asked about the advantages of solo activities, Bambam said, “I can do the music I want to do. Team activities have the group’s own color. If I do GOT7 activities, you will be able to see GOT7 Bambam’s color after a long time.”

Then as a drawback, “There is a little more pressure. Sometimes I feel a little lonely,” he confessed, “There are things I’m confident in and not confident in. Other members cover what I’m not confident about during team activities, but I think I should be perfect while doing it alone. But I think it’s a good experience. It was an opportunity for me to grow.”

Revealing that he has not let the members listen to many of his new songs ever since “riBbon” promotion, Bambam said, “I wanted to surprise the members. The title track ‘Slow Mo’ is the song that all GOT7 once considered whether to sing it together. As the plan didn’t go well, I released it by myself.”


In February last year, GOT7 released “Encore” to express their feelings to fans. Regarding GOT7’s plan for group activities, Bambam said, “It was our 8th debut anniversary two days ago. After the live broadcast, maknae line had a talk with each other. There is a song that I wrote while thinking of GOT7.”

Bambam, who is active as a Thai KPOP singer in Korea, confessed, “I had a lot of fears during my debut days, but Nickhun hyung made a great path for me.”

He continued, “While carrying out activities, I realized that coming from Thailand is not important at all. We just ẹnoy making good music together and hope that people who listen to our song can receive positive energy. I thought it was so amazing and precious that many people were connected through music”, adding, “On the other hand, it’s such an honor to know that many Koreans and overseas fans recognize me and think positively about me.”

Lastly, regarding the achievements he wants to earn through “B”, Bambam expressed his ambition, saying, “I like dancing to some extent, and I was also the main dancer in GOT7. I want to show my dance skills to many people. I paid a lot of attention to the performance of ‘Who Are You’. It would be so nice if people could recognize me as artist Bambam”

Meanwhile, Bambam’s 2nd mini-album “B” was released on various music sites at 5 P.M on January 18th.


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