BamBam reveals that GOT7 will soon come back as a whole

BamBam hinted that GOT7 would make a comeback soon.


In the showcase commemorating the release of singer BamBam‘s second mini album “B“, which was held online on the afternoon of Jan 18th, he mentioned the possibility of GOT7‘s comeback.

BamBam drew laughter by saying, “I often keep in touch with GOT7 members. We monitor and give feedback to each other. The thing we talk about the most is ‘Let’s not overlap (comeback schedules).'”

He then added, “Two days ago, we got together because it was GOT7’s 8th debut anniversary. After that, the youngest members talked (about the group’s comeback). I’m also writing a new song, and I know when it will come out.”


BamBam released his second mini album “B” at 6 PM on Jan 18th.

BamBam, who released his first solo album last year, made a comeback after 7 months. The male singer talked about his mysterious and ever-changing world full of various colors through “B“.

The title song “Slow Mo” expressed the story of melting slowly into one’s own world.

Meanwhile, BamBam will continue his active activities with the new track “Slow Mo“.


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