Jisoo’s (BLACKPINK) kiss is so sweet, but “Snowdrop” can still have a sad ending. Netizens just want to end the drama right away

One of the two main characters of “Snowdrop” is most likely to “disappear” according to this one detail.

At the present time, the love story of Young Ro (Jisoo) and Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) is just budding in “Snowdrop”. And in the latest episode that was just aired last night, Young Ro – Soo Ho gave each other a passionate and sweet kiss. However, the fans fear that one of the two would probably disappear because of one detail.

Specifically, in episode 11, Soo Ho overheard a cassette tape containing Young Ro‘s confession about their first meeting. It turned out that right from the moment they met at the group date, Young Ro had a crush on Soo Ho and he was her first love. As for Soo Ho, after hearing the confession, he was so touched that he called her name and recorded his feelings right after. However, this part was not broadcast.


As predicted by some audiences, this scene opens up two possibilities. In the first one, Young Ro will find this tape after Soo Ho is taken back to North Korea and then the two are permanently separated. On the other hand, Soo Ho may have passed away, and at that time Young Ro finds the tape and then understands his feelings well and lives the rest of her life in nostalgia. The two possibilities that the audience predicted are both somewhat reasonable. Because, in the first trailer, Soo Ho apologized to Young Ro and didn’t want her to interfere in this too dangerous matter. It is possible that he will silently sacrifice himself to protect the one he loved.

Netizens’ comments:

– Honestly, I also have a feeling that Soo Ho will die.

– Why he has to record so early, it makes me scared. Even if they kiss 10 times, I’m still scared.

– Just think about when Soo Ho returns to North Korea, Young Ro will listen to his voice and cry.

– He may have died before Young Ro can listen to it…

– Let’s stop at this episode! I don’t want this to have a bad end.


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