This top actress gave birth to her first-born only a short time after marrying her 8-year older doctor boyfriend

Kang So-ra gave birth to her first-born after marrying her boyfriend

Actress Kang So-ra received a lot of attention and love for playing the role of young Ha Chun-hwa in the movie “Sunny,” which attracted 7.45 million cumulative audiences in 2011.

kang so ra

Since then, Kang So-ra has been recognized by the public and critics for showing good acting skills in various works such as “Misaeng”, “Doctor Stranger”, and “Revolutionary Love”.

The actress made headlines in August 2020 after announcing her surprise marriage with her older boyfriend, who is a Korean medicine doctor.

kang so ra

At that time, she revealed her marriage through the fan cafe and said, “I felt indescribably grateful to you who were even happier for me and congratulated me. I sincerely thank you for always being by my side,” expressing her gratitude to the fans.

Kang So-ra was congratulated by many for giving birth to her daughter in April last year. she also updated her recent status after giving birth through SNS.

kang so ra

Kang So-ra caught the eye by releasing a photo of her posing against the backdrop of a pretty scenery outside the window, along with the caption “It’s a happy day to be invited to a very pretty house.” In particular, netizens were envious that she still showed off her beautiful appearance even in comfortable clothes. Fans who saw this also showed various reactions such as “She’s still beautiful” and “You look happy.”

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