Former BIGBANG member Seungri’s ruling…”Sexual favors from Incheon Airport”

Former BIGBANG member Seungri (real name Lee Seung Hyun) was released from prison yesterday (Feb 9th). He was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison on charges such as arranging prostitution.

JTBC’s reporters exclusively obtained and analyzed Seungri‘s ruling. The ruling contained specific criminal facts about charges such as prostitution and illegal filming.

1. Sexual favors started at Incheon Airport

In late December 2015, Japanese investors came to Korea to meet Seungri. Seungri prepared a schedule to welcome them from a month ago. It was unusual from the start. He arranged group prostitution from Incheon International Airport, where Japanese investors arrived, to the hotel in Seoul where they stayed. The number of times Seungri provided sexual favors to investors for 2 months from early December 2015 reached 29. There were various places such as hotels, houses and restaurants, and Seungri spent about 43 million won for sexual favors.


2. Even after fan meeting…”Illegal filming”

Seungri conducted a fan meeting tour in China with BIGBANG in June 2016. But after the tour, he illegally filmed Chinese women. There are pictures from behind of three Chinese women lying naked on the bed. It was ruled that these pictures were sent to the KakaoTalk group chat room.

big bang seungri jail

3. Reasons for court sentencing

According to the court, mitigating factors of Seungri having no previous criminal record, the fact that it was not him who embezzled, and that the victim of aggravated assault did not consider it a threat and didn’t want to punish Seungri, were considered. 

Regarding the sentence, Seungri’s lawyer said, “Currently, we are self-reflecting and taking time for introspection.” 

Source: nate

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