Netizens call this celebrity “shameless” for coming back after drunk-driving scandal 

Lim Young Min, a former member of boy group AB6IX, who caused controversy for DUI, informed fans of his current situation after a year.

On January 9th, Lim Young Min informed fans of his current situation through Instagram.

In particular, Lim Young Min said, “I’m greeting you after a long time. Time has passed and the new year of 2023 has already begun. I hope everyone is staying healthy.”

Lim Young-min

He also added, “I have deeply reflected on my actions in the past, and was able to come this far thanks to the people who cared for me. And to become a better person, I have the courage to greet you like this.”

Finally, he said, “In the new year, I hope that all of your wishes will come to fruition, and I will also do my best this year.”

Lim Young-min

Upon seeing this, netizens on the online community theqoo left reactions such as, “It’s shameless to return after hiding in the army following a scandal”, “I’m not very happy”, “I think he’s thinking of going back to work”, and “The CEO of his company has followed his Instagram.” 

On the other hand, some netizens expressed a more favorable viewpoint, saying, “There were a lot of celebrities who acted without self-restraint as if nothing had happened after drinking and driving. Few celebrities had a hard time coming back for a long time because of drunk driving. I think it’s okay to work if he has truly reflected on himself”, “He can continue working, as long as he can accept the criticism about his past”, and “He went to the army so it’s not an immediate return”. 

lim young min

Previously, Lim Young Min appeared on the 2017 Mnet audition program “Produce 101 Season 2” and gained a lot of attention. 

He then debuted as part of the duo MXM, before becoming a member of Brand New Music’s boy group AB6IX.


In May 2020, Lim Young-min was caught drunk-driving to his place by the police after meeting with acquaintances. His license was revoked and he went into self-restraint, but eventually withdrew from the group and enlisted in November of the same year due to fans’ continued protest. However, he did not leave his agency.

Lim Young-min

Later, in May 2022, he released a handwritten apology through his agency’s official Twitter account, saying, “I had many realizations while thinking about how I was flawed and how much damage and hurt my wrongdoings have caused.” 

Source: wikitree, theqoo

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