“Our Blues” Noh Yun-seo and Bae Hyun-seong, “I trust you and will go straight for it”

“Our Blues” Noh Yoon-seo took courage after hearing Bae Hyun-sung’s words.

In tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues,” which aired on April 24th, the story of Jung Hyun (played by Bae Hyun-sung) and Bang Yeong-joo (played by Noh Yoon-seo) about their pregnancy was depicted.

Jung Hyun said, “Young-joo, let’s have this baby. I don’t have the confidence to erase it. I keep hearing the sound of the baby’s heart.” However, Bang Young-joo replied firmly, “Forget it.”

But Jung Hyun said, “Let’s have this baby. Maybe we’ll be able to raise a child well.” Young-joo fired back, “What do you mean, raise it well? You ruined my life,” resenting Jung Hyun.

Later, when Bang Young-joo had a hard time on the bus, the two got out of the vehicle and started walking. When Bang Young-joo said, “A senior I know still live well even after aborting her child,” Jung Hyun said, “You can still live well even after having a child. I don’t think that senior had a man like me,” he said. In response, Bang Young-joo vowed to give birth to their baby, saying, “I really trust you and will go straight for it.”

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