Former female idol who used to threaten Lee Byung-hun is now the most earned BJ on streaming site AfreecaTV

BJ Kim Si-won, a former member of girlgroup GLAM, reportedly made hundreds of millions of won in profits in November, receiving nearly 7 million star balloons on AfreecaTV.

According to Pungtoday, a site that counts the number of star balloons BJs received, Kim Si-won received 6,756,530 star balloons last month, ranking first in the streaming site AfreecaTV’s star balloon rankings. Second-place Seya received 4,707,309 star balloons (about 517.81 million won) and third-place Commander Zico won 2,841,592 star balloons (about 312.57 million won), while Arong was named at fourth-place with 2,141,592 star balloons (about 235.91 million won).

Kim Si-won

One star balloon, a paid sponsorship item for Afreeca TV’s BJs, costs 110 won, and Kim Si-won, who is known to have broadcasted for a total of 12 hours on 5 days last month, was gifted 743.21 million won worth of star balloons in November. With the amount of additional donation she received in person and Youtube revenue, her income is estimated to increase even more.

Kim Si-won

Meanwhile, Da-hee, a member of the group GLAM, threatened to reveal some obscene videos of Lee Byung-hun and demanded 5 billion won in cash. In response, Lee Byung-hun immediately filed a complaint with the police, and Da-hee was arrested on charges of attempted blackmail. Later, she was sentenced to prison in the first trial but changed to a suspended sentence of 2 years after the appeal trial. Due to this incident, Da-hee’s group – GLAM disbanded.

Kim Si-won

At that time, Lee Byung-hun also provided his excuse for the incident and also apologized, “I owe my family and my wife a big debt that I couldn’t pay back even with my whole life.” After changing her name to Kim Si-won in 2018, Da-hee resumed broadcasting her activities through AfreecaTV. Regarding the reason why she started doing broadcasts, Kim Si-won confessed, “I really want to sing, so I started doing broadcasts. I gained back my courage with the support and help of people around me.”

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