From BLACKPINK Lisa to Dara, the most iconic Fashion instagram moments of the past week

Hat is an item that appears in every trendy fashion these days, and Korean celebrities also show off their stylish side with various hat options.

“A hat is the completion of fashion”, is what has been said among “fashion hipsters” nowadays. From basic ball caps to bucket hats and beanies, Below are the hat fashion featured on the Instagram of top stars in the past week. 


lisa blackpink instagram

As Celine’s global ambassador, Lisa is a “human Celine” in everyday life. Wearing a gray hoodie, a chic bag, and a ball cap engraved with Celine’s initials, the BLACKPINK member matched for the perfect Celine look.

Sandara Park (Dara)

2ne1 sandara park instagram

Sandara Park, who enjoyed shopping at Boon the Shop Cheongdam, chose Celine as the brand to don. She shared on her Instagram a playful look while wearing a checkered Peruvian beanie  with ear muffs for added cuteness.

Ki Eun Se

ki eun se instagram

A cap can also be styled in a luxurious and elegant manner. Ki Eun Se, who visited Seorae Village, boasted a Parisian look with a black cap made of tweed with the Chanel logo.

Yu Ri

snsd yuri instagram

Seo Hyun

snsd seohyun instagram

What kind of hat style do you think Girls’ Generation members prefer? Judging by how Yu Ri appeared in a Prada’s bucket hat, and how Seo Hyun created a girlish atmosphere with her knitted balaclava, you will surely get a hint!

Lee Dong Hwi

lee dong hwi instagram

If you’re a man, please refer to actor Lee Dong Hwi‘s Instagram. He seems to be into hat styling these days too. A few days ago, he posted an OOTD post of him wearing various ball caps. Swipe through the photos one by one to see the different styles he tried on!

Source: vogue

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