Early ending, airing cancelation that caused the ratings of Namgoong Min’s “One Dollar Lawyer” to go down

The ratings of “One Dollar Lawyer” saw a decline due to external factors. 

The incompressible broadcast cancellation and the reduction of episodes have caused the ratings of “One Dollar Lawyer” to go downhill even with a 20% viewer rating on the way. 

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Namgoong Min is definitely the one who has received the most attention in “One Dollar Lawyer” even before the drama’s premiere. This is because Namgoong Min, who received a Daesang for his acting in “Stove League”, returned in a SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama after two years.  

Namgoong Min proved his worth by doing an excellent job beyond expectations. From delightful comic acting to heartbreaking tears, he properly raised the level of viewers’ immersion in the drama by completely transforming into the character Chun Ji Hoon. 

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On top of that, other actors, Kim Ji Eun, Choi Dae Hoon, Park Jin Woo, Gong Min Jung, also shine. There is no acting hole in the cast. They exude presence in the right place and draw synergy with Namgoong Min.

“One Dollar Lawyer” was taking first place in viewership ratings and level of buzz among ongoing dramas. After episode 8, “One Dollar Lawyer” aroused anticipation for the second act of its run. As Chun Ji Hoon’s (Namgoong Min) past is revealed, attention is focused on his move to find the real culprit that killed his fiancée Lee Joo Young (Lee Chung Ah).

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However, it was a series of incomprehensible airing cancellations that grabbed Nam Goong-min’s ankle. “One Dollar Lawyer”, which chose Oct 22nd instead of 21st from the start of the second half, decided to cancel airing and organized a special broadcast without any special reason. On Oct 21st, “One Dollar Lawyer – Intermission”, which includes the highlight scenes of episodes 1~8, was released instead. Besides, it was announced on Oct 28th that “One Dollar Lawyer” would take a break due to the broadcast of the professional baseball postseason. On Nov 4th, the 2022 SBS D Forum, an SBS social contribution knowledge sharing project, is scheduled to air, making “One Dollar Lawyer” become a once-a-week drama.

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On top of that, the production team confused viewers by holding out a rather absurd card of 12 episodes. “One Dollar Lawyer” side said that they had originally planned to produce 14 episodes, but decided to end at episode 12 “for a speedy development and high-quality ending”. However, it can only be seen as an incomprehensible decision to put up the card of reducing and ending a drama that has viewership ratings of more than 15%.

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As there was a lot of noise in terms of organization, the PPL controversy in “One Dollar Lawyer” also broke out. This is because the appearance of openly advertising coffee while looking at the camera in the recent episode and continuously promoting certain menus made it look more like an advertisement than a drama. In a tight situation where the drama had to sprint towards the end as it entered the second half, excessive PPL and consecutive airing cancellations ruined the flow of the work.

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As a result, ratings seem to be on the downward trend. “One Dollar Lawyer”, which recorded 15% in episode 8, is going downhill with 14.6% in episode 9 and 13.7% in episode 10.

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No matter how good the work is and the cast’s acting is, it is difficult to survive if the broadcasting company, which is supposed to be in charge of supporting, behaves in its own way. Even though “One Dollar Lawyer” saved the dying SBS Friday-Saturday dramas, the fact that it is being tossed out into the cold is just sad.

Source: Daum

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