Nam Tae Hyun resumes activities “I’m trying to start again”

Singer Nam Tae Hyun, who was indicted without detention on charges of administering methamphetamine, delivered his recent status through a video.

On September 1st, Nam Tae Hyun released a video, announcing that he would resume “Channel Nam Tae Hyun”.

In the video titled “‘I’m Nam Tae Hyun’ First Story”, Nam Tae Hyun said, “I’m Nam Tae Hyun. I’m a singer. Well, I was famous at one time and I made a lot of money, but not anymore. As you can see, I’m just an ordinary person who comforts himself saying things like ‘When I was in my old days…’ and no one recognizes me when I walk down the street.”

Nam Tae-hyun

The video showed Nam Tae Hyun’s ordinary daily life, such as walking down the street and traveling by bus. Nam Tae Hyun confessed through narration, “I was so foolish. I was so intoxicated by the sparkling fame that I felt like the whole world was mine. I was welcomed wherever I went, people around me always encouraged me, and I always spent time like the main character. I thought it would last forever.

Nam Tae Hyun, who successfully made his debut after enduring the life of a trainee, recalled, “The fruit of my efforts was so sweet, and I ate the fruit every day. One year, two years, three years. Time passed so quickly. I was just busy eating. Weeds grew around me and wild animals came. I dug a tunnel and made a wound and did this… and that… I don’t know… I was just busy eating. My tree, which was full of juicy fruits, suddenly broke.

Nam Tae-hyun

He continued, “I didn’t know how scary the world was, and I was full of pride, whether it was youth or something like that. Was it because my wings broke and I fell to the ground and flew high? The fall was scary fast, and when I hit the ground, my whole body was shattered. I didn’t know it when I was flying in the sky, but when I fell to the ground, the world in front of me was so high and was just going by. I don’t know. To be honest, I feel completely lost. Where am I? Is this hell?

Nam Tae Hyun announced his return, “My body is completely broken, so it’s not easy to walk. But everyone walks at a baby’s pace, and then gradually begins to run, and even if they fall, they quietly live the life in front of them. Can I do it too? I’m a singer. I like music. I’m trying to start again, one by one, starting with what I can. Honestly, I’m not confident, but I’m not greedy either. I do what I can. I walk and run again, and then even if I fall, I get up again, and that’s how I try to live. Do it slowly, but steadily.”

Source: Daum

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