3 times IVE was embroiled in attitude-related controversies

IVE has been rumored to show negative responses to several artists and K-pop groups.

From their debut, IVE has had a strong edge in music and received impressive digital chart achievements. They also have a broad scope of coverage in Korea. Unfortunately, the Starship girl group has often found themselves in sticky situations regarding their attitudes toward seniors in the K-pop industry.


Recently, on May 15th, Stray Kids Bang Chan started an occasional “Chan’s Room” livestream session to talk with his fans. During the live, he talked about the “Music Bank in Paris” that took place in April. As he was recalling the memories of the performance, the singer actively showed his disapproval of a “new generation” group’s behavior. He said that they did not greet him back when he first waved to greet them. Bang Chan believed this to be a lack of so-called “basic manners”. By deduction, netizens speculate he was talking about IVE.

Bang Chan voiced his opinion about a “new generation” group who, he believed, did not show appropriate manners

However, IVE’s fans came to their idol’s defense and uploaded a clip as counterevidence. The clip revealed IVE Yujin was about to greet him but he ran away too quickly, causing a misunderstanding.

DIVE, IVE’s fandom, released a clip as proof that IVE was too busy waving back at their fans, they did not notice Bang Chan

 On another occasion, on November 2022, IVE attended the “MMA Awards” and brought home a “Daesang” with “Love Dive”. At the same time, a clip of Jang Won Young’s behavior gained attention. The idol allegedly did not clap when a VCR of IU was played on the big screen. Nonetheless, it turns out the clip was edited and taken out of context. in reality, Jang Won Young showed a bright reaction and cheered for her senior.

IVE Jang Won Young, Rei, and Liz allegedly did not show a positive reaction when IU’s VCR came up

In the first few encore stages, netizens often took jabs at IVE for their attitudes toward seniors at music shows. During their “ELEVEN” encore stage, netizens criticized IVE for supposedly not bowing when other seniors passed by.


However, recently, IVE has been keeping good relationships with other idols outside of Starship. A netizen said Rei mentioned Kep1er Dayeon on livestream while Leeseo was seen talking to Chaehyun during ISAC. Hopefully, IVE can have more chances to show off their strong relationships with idols in the industry.

Source: K14 

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