BLACKPINK Lisa will brag about Coachella until she’s a grandma, wants to live in Paris for a few months

In the June 2023 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea, BLACKPINK Lisa discussed various topics, including Coachella and her future plans. 

The full interview of BLACKPINK Lisa’s appearance in the June 2023 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea has been released, revealing various notable insights. 


First, Lisa revealed that her mother told her about the newly-discovered flower in Thailand, which has been named “Lisa”. According to the BLACKPINK member, she wants to see the flower quickly, and will brag about it until she’s a grandma.

Then, Lisa recalled her experience as the headliner of the famous music festival Coachella. “I want to brag about this until I become a grandma”, the female idol said, adding that she felt amazed to look at posters of previous festivals and revealing that BLACKPINK learned of their Coachella appearance after a concert, and felt various emotions at the time. 


According to Lisa, BLACKPINK’s “Whistle” stage at Coachella is a moment that she won’t forget in a long time. “It was our debut song and we changed the whole choreography for Coachella. The stage was close to the audience so I could read everyone’s eyes. I couldn’t forget the way they looked at me when I met eyes with the crowd. I also expressed ‘Let’s enjoy this together’ with my eyes and I felt like the crowd was replying the same thing to me”, she revealed. 

Lisa, who cried after the performance and expressed her joy to finally perform “Money” in front of a crowd, also confessed that she is a “really passionate audience”, who would scream loudly if the performance artist told the crowd to scream. 


Regarding her collaboration with BIGBANG Taeyang in “Shoong!”, Lisa mentioned that Taeyang led her in a comfortable way, and that when she’s with a professional person like him, she also becomes professional and learns a lot from him. 

When asked if she feels the need to be perfect on stage, Lisa replied that she always tries to think of the stage lightly, and instead of pressuring herself, would try to do new and different things. She would stand in front of the mirror and try to change her shoulders and hand gestures in the hotel room, Lisa said. 

Lisa then affirmed that “we can’t be perfect 24/7”, and that she doesn’t want to make people around her uncomfortable because of her condition or her mood. As a result, she’d tell herself things such as, “It’s okay” and “Some days are like this”. 


According to Lisa, she often wonders which side of herself that makes people say they want to be like her, saying, “I heard the answer that they want to resemble the way I dream big and achieve that dream and it was touching. When I heard that they want to try their best in their field of interest, even if it’s not being an idol, that answer stayed deep in my heart because it’s something that I never thought of. I want to do better for that hope.”

At the same time, the BLACKPINK member also mentioned her joy to be active in the same field as artists she admired and watched all the time, such as Spice Girls, 2NE1, and BIGBANG. 

Afterwards, Lisa continued by saying that she’s a “classic” person, and that she takes a lot of photos in all sorts of different angles and vibes. According to Lisa, she loves it when another person describes her photos as “Lisa-like”, and can’t wait to collect those pictures and release the next photobook. 


Lisa, who was asked if reading is her new hobby, then said, “During our tour, I kept scrolling through my phone or watching Netflix with my iPad so I was thinking of reading some books. As I was returning from the airport in New York, I bought this from a bookstore with Rosé, saying, ‘let’s pretend to be cool too’. I was going to read it while getting my hair and make-up done, but I wasn’t able to read it well. I will start reading from now.”

Finally, Lisa revealed that her dream in the future is to “take a peaceful rest in a warm place with cats and be healthy”. Whilst she tends to focus on the present, Lisa thinks about being in Paris – a beautiful city that she loves, after 2 years, taking photos while living there for a few months.

Source: BLACKPINK BLINK Union, Harper’s Bazaar Korea

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